This year was extra interesting because my Belle Mere came along. So the first week I was in California, I was asked constantly to translate words like “yeast” and “zest of lemon” and all the other back and forth conversation between my Mom and my mother in law.

Thanksgiving was unusually calm this year. Each and every one of my sisters showed up (usually at least one has to go to their husbands side of the family). Everything ran so smoothly that it felt strange and unfamiliar.

I was watching Charlie, but got a little distracted filling up my wine glass, and when I found him, he had gone up stairs and put himself in the dog kennel and shut the door and was playing with a bone. Makes me wonder what goes on at my sisters house.
We went to Monterey Bay Aquarium

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The aquarium is full of really big stuff
and really small stuff




Bought some crabs for dinner

And on her last day we went to the gun range. She had always wanted to do this, and I never had. It was really fun.
soon to be explained useless dog can be seen in the background
So, after getting home from dinner, David and my step dad sat down at the table in front of their laptops, and I gave the dog a treat since we had just enjoyed a nice meal and I felt sorry for him. My Mom and my mother in law were still outside talking, but I was tired so I decided to go to bed. I walked past the couch and did a double take.
There was a drunk, snoring man sleeping on the couch. I asked Rex who it was and he said he didn’t know. I looked at the useless dog curled up in his bed two feet away from the stranger on the couch and shook my head in disgust. By then my Mom and mother in law had come back inside and we all stood there staring and laughing while Rex tried to wake him up. For me, this was just something I was used to after living there for two months during the fall. The house just has a crazy aura. Nothing surprises me.
Eventually the guy woke up and stumbled out the door and disappeared. I shrugged and thought it was good he had ignored the computers and the gun case full of guns which were all in plain view and only took a nap on our the understandably comfortable looking couch. But my poor mother in law took the guns, locked her door and couldn’t sleep all night.
After another week spent with my friends in Sacramento, I put on my lucky socks and flew home. 
Oh, one more thing, remember when  the Mean Parisian Pregnant Lady lady told me this apartment was  lucky for getting knocked up? Well, my friend who stayed here in September and my friend that came and checked on Maza while I was gone are both pregnant. Strange.


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