Back to our regularly scheduled program

My Mom is doing better and her hemoglobin blood count is holding steady. We still don’t have a timeline, or any answers, but I decided to come home for a month because my ticket to California for Thanksgiving was already booked and paid for.
After dealing with the bitches at the AirFrance counter who didn’t want to give me my emergency exit row seat even though I had checked in online the day before (see what happens when I leave for too long and lose my Paris Bitch Face?) I settled into my seat for the 10.5 hour flight.
Then the plane had to turn back because it had driven over some debris on the runway. Everyone got up and we had a little fete with bottled water, and then 2.5 hours later we were on our way. The guy behind me actually screamed out OUCH like a little girl when I lowered my chair to sleep. I thought my chair was was broken because it wasn’t moving, but apparently he had his legs wedged against it. When I pushed it the second time to go all the way back he actually stood up and screamed that because I was in the emergency exit and had “all that room in front of me” that I was just “going to have to deal with it” and not recline my chair at all and then punched my seat, waking up the rest of my row. I said, “No. You’re going to have to deal with it” and pushed my chair all the way back. The sad thing is he was about 40 years old. The next morning he snarkily asked the flight attendant if he was going to feed him because the trolley was taking too long for his liking. “It’s up to you, you know”he told the attendant. What the hell?
It was so nice to come home to an apartment with an functional kitchen. Just kidding. They delivered the last of our shipment yesterday morning. So now I have an oven in the living room and a kitchen sink in the bedroom.

Maza was a hot mess from having to nap all day without me, so David came home frequently to find she had gone Dexter on her toys and left their insides all over the place.
A few days before I arrived David told me he was cleaning up his bachelor pad, but there was still a lot of evidence of it when I got here.

a door knob is not a toilet roll holder

empty fridge

sheets washed, but the bed wasn’t made

After two months of starving, I finally had a proper lunch. We went to my favorite brasserie for dinner, which is just  hole in the wall two blocks down, but the owner is an old man, and you know how I have a thing for old men. Plus the plat du jour is always good and the drinks are cheap.
We woke up to find something that gives apartment owners in France nightmares just thinking about it. The upstairs apartment is leaking into our hallway. I’m refusing to think about it because I know that this is going to turn into a big hot mess. Bienvenue chez moi. Never a dull moment.

There is already water damage from the ceiling all the way down the wall to the floor


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