France Day 4 – I See Nekid People

*I’m on vacation, hopefully far away from a computer/paint brush/box/dirty apartment. So my blog is taking a vacation too. Back to June 2008, during my first trip to France with my shiny brand new passport and my shiny brand new French boyfriend. This was my first trip abroad and I”m surprised David didn’t dump me when we got home.

We wake up to this:




We went to the beach and ate lunch which was even better than it looks. David believes heaven without sex is better than nothing. I didn’t agree, but today I’m reconsidering. If heaven exists, the south of France is where you go when you die. I’m thinking about turning in my atheist card and becoming a Catholic just in case. 


After stuffing ourselves with food, we went to a great place to go when you are feeling fat….A nude beach.

It was finally warm enough to go swimming, well, warm enough for us anyway, we were almost the only people in the water. The theme to Jaws kept running through my head and I got a little freaked out when I realized the water I was in was over my head and my fat little toes were probably beackoning deliciously to all the sharks, but by keeping David close I manage to enjoy myself by convincing myself that David looks like a bigger yummier seal than me. Yes, I KNOW there are no sharks but I’ve been scarred for life by Jaws.

Le Cap d’Adge is a nudist colony, with hotels, supermarkets etc etc. We just went for the day. Swimming in the mediterranean sea surrounded by 500 nekid, very tan old French people is not somewhere I ever imagined I would find myself. But it’s not bad.

I was too busy finding shells to notice if any dirty old men were ogling me, but I don’t think they were. I know from going to hot springs that wearing clothes when everyone else is naked, makes you stand out. So I tossed off my dress and my puritanical American roots, and tried to blend in. Plus skinny dipping is so much more slippery than swimming in a bathing suit. It makes me feel like a fish. 

We met TonTon and David’s Aunt for dinner. I was skeptical, but I ordered the fish soup. It comes with croutons and creme fraiche, so how bad could it be?

orange fish soup, delicious 


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