France Day 0/1 – Proof Of Life/Arles

*I’m on vacation, hopefully far away from a computer/paint brush/box/dirty apartment. So my blog is taking a vacation too. Back to June 2008, during my first trip to France with my shiny brand new passport and my shiny brand new French boyfriend. This was my first trip abroad and I”m surprised David didn’t dump me when we got home.

After arriving in Martigues, which is about thirty minutes from Marseilles, we took showers (heavenly), checked our email and I had HISSY FIT NUMBER ONE. 

(David has the patience of ten saints. Even when I am happy and not exhausted and  hungry I can be a hellacious terror to be around.)

The problem was I forgot one red shoe. My only high heels. How am I supposed to walk around in France surrounded by sexy sophisticated French woman wearing orthepedic brown mary janes and sloppy flip flops? TotAL Catastrophe. Right?  

David didn’t understand what the big deal was because I “always look beautifull”. What a jerk, huh?

We went in search of food…..but most restaurants don’t open until 7 so starving and stumbling we wandered and took pictures………..

If David looks this tired, imagine how I look. If I sent this picture to his mother as proof of 
life she would give me all her money to save him.

We ate and ate tons of food and I couldn’t keep my eyes open and finally FINALLY we crashed into bed and slept for 13 hours. 

 Cheese for dessert rocks. 

Speaking of rocks the next day we went to the Arles Colliseum. 

But first we stopped for lunch at a “Fries Shack” like the one that was in the movie we watched on the plane that was really cute. (Bienvenue Chez Les ch’ti” . 

Chez Fanny

I was completely unimpressed because I’ve been eating these kind of things since I was 13 and a vegetarian and surviving on $1 Whoppers with no meat plus fries. But they didn’t have any ranch dressing for me to put on it. Luckily I brought a bottle to carry around in my purse. (*edit 2012* I was just kidding. I did not have ranch in my purse). 

Maza was also unimpressed and went to take a nap in the shade.

Apparently they encourage children to drink beer here, because Panach is a lemonade/beer flavored non-alcoholic soda for kids that they also make in bars using real beer.

If You Want My Parking Spot Take My Handicap

This is the list of plans we started in January, that actually culminated in being in Arles in June. Crazy.

  This place is 1,970 years older than me.


 After a snack, we went back to the hotel to change for dinner, and and try and use the wi-fi.

I wanted to write it all down before I forget everything. But for two days, the wi-fi never works when I need it to.

I’m frustrated and jet-lagged and sunburned and I can’t sleep and I end the night across the street from our hotel crying and then typing in the middle of the night alone using weak wi-fi on some buttress on a beautiful river…………


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