C’est Fini!

First board
It took us an hour to drive 11 km (7 miles) to Leroy Merlin in bumper to bumper traffic. And of course when we got there, they didn’t have enough boxes of the color David wanted. So we settled for the color I originally pinned on Pinterest which was on sale and stacked abundantly unlike the other barren shelves. This just confirms I have horrible taste in everything, including fake flooring.
The walls aren’t even, so we David had to use his wood carving abilities

Last board

It was another lovely sunny summer day, so I made split pea soup. I always add frozen peas at the end because I try to sneak vegetables into my food as much as possible.

I knew as soon as the floor was done that I was going to hate the bed more than I already do. The colors clash and our pretty new floor is almost completely covered with furniture. It’s such a waste of space and I don’t know why we can’t use the airbed when people come visit. We slept on it for two months, and it was fine. I think people could handle it for two days. The furniture looks bulky and generic stuffed in a tiny room, but it’s nice to have one room finally done and functional.


I’m making all the in between photos small because I’ve already posted them before. If you want to slog though the misery of the last three months you can click on them to make them large.


I’ve been imagining it in my head for at least three months, so it’s weird to see it actually done.

I spent all day washing bedding in our tiny washing machine and draping them over ever surface in the house to dry. It looks very matchy-match and like a hotel, but not a bad hotel. 


I hate see through drawers. What’s the point?

I try not to think about my friends visit in September because if I get to excited it just makes it worse when she leaves. But all the hard work, mistakes, time and money (and yes keeping the bed) will be worth it when she gets here.


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