Another Exciting Day in Gay Paree

Happy 4th of July!

3 months in and we are still not done. We are trying to get everything finished before we go on vacation to Ardeche partly so we can relax and partly because one of David’s co-workers is going to be staying here while we are gone. 

it’s so filthy

Tearing up the carpet wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be.  I’m not good at painting and being patient and careful, but I am great at destroying things. David only let me use the power scraper once because he said I was “doing it wrong” but what I think he really meant is “that’s my toy”.

Once again he tried to do things all half assed and instead of clearing out the guest room first he started in the hallway so we had to tramp through the mess when we took out my fabulous ghetto closets. I think I’m going to miss them.

ghetto closets in the living room

We are disappointed that we are going to have to put fake flooring in. Someone put laminate flooring and then later carpeting on top of that, and all those chemicals have soaked into the wood so there is no saving it.

It’s sad because a hundred years ago someone spent all day chopping down trees and turning them in to planks and someone else spent all day putting them down in our apartment and now it’s all ruined.

Plus our old apartment had half fake/half real flooring and it brings out the OCD in me and annoyed me every time I vacuumed. And we are going to have to rent a car AGAIN to go pick up the fake flooring at Castorama. David can’t stand driving in traffic and I can’t stand listening to him complain about it while driving like an insane person. I really don’t want to die now that we are almost done.

After this, all that’s left is to put the puzzle pieces of our kitchen cabinets together and then unpack everything that’s been shoved in the hallway. No more tripping over boxes! No more filthy dusty house.

And best of all, now that it’s summery and hot, and have no interest in it, I will be able to bake stuff again.


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