A Little Piece of California

I found a comedy club on meetup.com that had a bunch of comedians from California this week. Since my brother in law is a comedian, and I’ve been forced to “support” him in all sorts of shitty “venues” and “comedy clubs” over the years, I can appreciate a small comedy club. It’s friendly, it’s laid back, and most importantly, when it’s in English, I know EXACTLY what’s expected of me. Laugh, clap, interact and don’t sit in the front row, because the comedians will single you out whether they are bombing or if they are doing well.

My brother in law discussing my sisters vagina

My brother in law discussing a duck vagina

I had to go to the doctor before we left, and he is a little Chatty McChatterson and considers our medical appointments a free English language lesson, so I got back late and instead of changing into some boring outfit in case it got cold, I just wore what I was wearing because the metro is hot in the summer so even if it was too cold for a dress, I would only be cold for two blocks. It’s so nice to walk out of the house without a water bottle and a sweater and a book “just in case”.

I found a restaurant that was walking distance on Paris by Mouth and even though it was empty when we walked in, usually a bad sign, I felt immediately at ease. So much so, I ordered two appetizers instead of a dinner plate. I know, so rude and I’ve probably never done that. It turns out that the female half of the couple that owns the restaurant is from San Francisco and misses fresh food as much as I do. The male half looked like a Northern Californian stoner and had the accent to match, but his French was too good for him to be American. Mystery solved.

The comedians were mostly very good. It’s open mic, so you can’t get mad about the amateur ones that get five minutes at the start of the show.

It was super laid back and casual, the California accent and baggy clothes made me forget I was in Paris,  the price was right (no cover, one drink minimum so 8 euros) and the host was funny enough that I want to go back and see his show which is every Friday, in the same place an hour before the traveling comedians go on stage.

*****we went back last night and saw Sebastian’s show. I wasn’t having a bad day, and I wasn’t feeling homesick, but I imagine that either of those things could be cured by commiserating and laughing at a fellow expats stories about surviving in Paris.

Sebastian’s website


Restaurant:Tombé du Ciel

Address: 7 rue d’Enghien, 75010
Nearest transport: Strasbourg-Saint Denis (4, 8, 9)


2 Responses to “A Little Piece of California”

  1. MademoisElla Coquine Says:

    Why is ordering two appetizers rude? Did I miss something in Paris etiquette?! Oh no!It looks like you had fun! I'm glad, comedy shows are definitely hit or miss, you know what I mean?

  2. Emily in Exile Says:

    I dunno. I get all my etiquette lessons from my husband and he is from Northern France, so maybe they are old fashioned or more formal compared to Paris. It just seems like French people take their food so seriously, and ordering two appetizers instead of a menu or a plat is tres american, "your way" Burger King style. It's probably not that big of a deal, but I never know what I'm doing over here, so I try to follow the rules, which was very hard to do. I'm a rebel Dotty!

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