Lady in Black

sliced that counter in half

And slid in the fridge

We finally got a stove but it’s sitting in the guest room because every time we go to Castorama to buy cupboards and counter tops they won’t take our money.

We found a design we liked and David measured everything and created a 3D kitchen on their website and we went down to buy it and they didn’t have it. So we chose something else and he went to the store and ordered that (this was like the fifth trip so I refused to participate because I’m American and can’t handle this ridiculous shit) and they called a few days later and canceled the entire order. So we have been using the crepe machine and the rice machine and the grill machine and microwaving boxed soup (yuck).

Today the microwave stopped working. David is in Boston and I haven’t told him because he is going to blame me. He likes to say that everything we buy has to be “Emily Proof”. Maybe I just have some weird electro-magnetic energy in me that destroys things that plug into the wall.

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I watched The Lady in Black which was super creepy and featured a ghost that appeared at the end of a hallway that looked very similar to our hallway. This was stupider than watching serial killer shows like I did last time he was gone because at least in this apartment no one can break in through the windows since we aren’t on the bottom floor anymore. There is no way to lock a ghost out.

ok, so maybe it looks nothing like the hallway in the movie

In case you are also alone and bored tonight I highly recommend Crime Investigation Australia, which is the best true crime show I’ve ever seen. Murderers in Australia make all other serial killers look harmless. Or if  you live in a really old building I would watch The Lady in Black while wondering how many people have died in your apartment.


9 Responses to “Lady in Black”

  1. A.K. Says:

    Ha! What you wrote about the hallway reminds me of an old, old apartment in Paris that I stayed at once…and its similarity (in my mind) to the apartment of Rosemary's Baby. Creepy. I shall deliberately avoid all of your recommendations.

  2. MademoisElla Coquine Says:

    You have a really nice flat! I love the crown molding! Oh God, I sound old.I find myself watching reruns of Ghost Whisperer for free on my Netflix account forgetting that it's a scary show. I'm always terrified halfway in. Why do we do this to ourselves?!

  3. parisbreakfast Says:

    Well I will never watch that Australian show or any other serial killer program…though I did sit thru 13 episodes of THE KILLING last weekend but character study is more important than grewsome details tho there are plenty of those.That's crazy about Castorama!!WOWIf you read I LOVE PARIS BUT bla bla you'd know that troublesome encounters with telemarketers and sales ppl are good ways to improve yr Frensh…ahem :)I microwave tons of veg-it's bascially a steamer..are they $$$ in France? Don't think I could live w/out one..Micro -ouiSerial kill programs-NON!

  4. chickster Says:

    I am so glad I haven't watched The Lady in Black, because I would've gotten creeped out just like you. Big dogs can scare away killers (maybe), but they've got nothing on French ghosts!

  5. Emily in Exile Says:

    I think all creepy hallways look like one from a scary movie after midnight! Thanks for reminding me of Rosemary's Baby, maybe I'll watch that tonight.

  6. Emily in Exile Says:

    Thanks Ella. It's cute from afar, but far from cute. I spent all day scrubbing I don't know how many years of grease off the kitchen walls so we can paint. But the crown molding is pretty… until you get up on a ladder and try to scrub it clean.How the hell are you getting Netflix in France? Maybe we do it because it reminds us of being kids again and we get to be scared of the dark for the night?

  7. Emily in Exile Says:

    I could not stop watching the true crime show. ALL the episodes are on youtube. It was a long couple of nights.I think it would be funny to practice my french with telemarketers. But I am too terrified to answer the phone.Oh, I have a microwave story. We bought our fridge and micro and washing machine all from some shady ass company and both the microwave and refrigerator arrived completely NOT WORKING. David had to carry the microwave all the way to the post office and send it back. This country is ridiculous.People move out of Paris all the time and sell them used on leboncoin. But our kitchen is so small, I will probably just learn to live without.

  8. Emily in Exile Says:

    It looked cheesy and harmless. It is not. I watched again during the day and I turned it off the second the ghost showed up because I can picture her in my hallway too easily. I want a dog but for now I just keep a bat by the door. But that won't help with a ghost. And now I want to watch it again….what is wrong with me?!

  9. MademoisElla Coquine Says:

    Yeah, my flat was pretty crusty when I moved in too. My landlady TRIED to tell me that it was spotless but I take photos of every place I move in to, so I checked her. : )Netflix isn't delivered here, I watch the shows they offer for free on their site. It's slim pickins, hence Ghost Whisperer.

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