Oh, Happy Day

David is back from Atlanta today, which means…..

Huge stack of magazines he steals from the AirFrance lounge

 And new books. I hate buying new books because I read them so fast and am so abusive (I like to read in the bath). Luckily he has no guilt about retail priced books.

Stuff I want but am too cheap to buy for myself

Underwear, always underwear.

I tell him I only have one body and don’t need anymore but he doesn’t listen. (Did I really just post pictures of my underwear on the internet? What is wrong with me?)

Cutest of all he found two articles on Jeanette Winterson who we just saw at Shakespeare & Co. Funny how my comprehension and patience to read in French miraculously shows up when it’s about something I  am interested in….

But best of all he brought himself. It was nice to have some time to myself, but five days is enough.

 I saved him a heart shaped cracker I found in my spanish mix snack, but Maza ate it. That biotch is always trying to sabotage me. I think I need a fish like this to keep her in line.


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