May Day Strikes

It was difficult just getting out of the metro
Place Denfert Rochereau
But cheap booze out of the back of moving trucks
and cheap food made the crowds worth it
The crowd was super intense for about a half an hour and I felt uncomfortable. My arms were squeezed all the way into my body and I was moving with the crowd to keep from getting knocked over. All it would take would be one loud noise to cause a stampede and I would be trampled to death. And there was lots of elbowing, mostly by the older people. Maybe they don’t teach elbowing in school anymore. 
One couple elbowed me (extra hard) to try to get to the street and then elbowed me (extra hard) again to get back out when they realized there was a barrier. Stabbing me with your elbow is not going to help. I can’t move. It was so rude.
This guy wanted me to take his picture so badly he stopped foot traffic
Trip across the Seine
And finally Bastille
It took about five hours. My poor feet.

6 Responses to “May Day Strikes”

  1. MademoisElla Coquine Says:

    What mayhem!! How fun! It's such an exciting time to be in Paris…I can't wait to get in tomorrow! These photos are great. I'm glad you made it home in one piece….and cute shoes. ; )

  2. Joanna Says:

    I was thinking the same thing about your shoes. I was trying to remember if you had them in California or not. I wish Sacramento was as exciting on May 1. There was a planned parenthood thing with free ice cream and an asian alliance group across the street. Not sure how either of these things have to do with May 1, but free ice cream is always nice.

  3. Parisbreakfasts Says:

    WHOA!!!So glad you got to experience glad I didn'tI'm a big chicken when it comes to crowdsI would have freaked I think…still it looks/feels very spirited

  4. eMerly Says:

    Thanks Ella, it was great to be surrounded by all those people on "my" team. I am definitely going out Sunday night to see the election results revealed.Those shoes gave me a blister 😦

  5. eMerly Says:

    I did have them in Sacto, but because I don't have any closets now I can see all my shoes. Plus I was trying to wear the colors of the guy I am rooting for.You have tacos on every corner and tamales, and that is pretty exciting (to me).

  6. eMerly Says:

    It seemed a lot more crowded this time, probably because it is a holiday. You can see in the Seine picture that it calms down. You would like it! Just don't go to the beginning.

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