This is why I never wanted to get married

We spent yesterday looking at kitchen cupboards and appliances. I always thought that was so stupid and boring, spending weekends “fixing up the house”. But here I am, looking at kitchen counters and LIKING IT. What a loser.

We bought bird food to put on the balcony to entertain Maza

 You can really drink this water. It’s a Wallace fountain

David wanted to know if this plant came in green. I told him we will just have to wait until Amsterdam
Free bird stealing food from the caged bird

I was a vegetarian for ten years after my dad died of a heart attack. I read the back of labels. I cut out fat and processed foods. I worked out like a crazy person. It didn’t work. He was still dead.

I ate foie gras for the first time on my first date with David. And I could only choke down half of it because of the guilt.

Now I eat anything that doesn’t eat me first. Blood sausage, rabbit, chicken gizzards, frog legs, pigeon. It’s all delicious. We will probably roast Maza in the oven with potatoes when she dies. She is hefty, so she will probably last us a week.

Anyway, this song reminds me of him. I know he isn’t free as a bird now, he’s just gone. But for three minutes it’s nice to imagine him that way. Every time something really good or really bad happens I wish he was here. I think he would be proud of me for surviving in France. I would love to show him around Paris. I think he would really like David. But I’ll never know.

David made a sharp right and told me under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should I look down the street in front of us. He said the store was to the RIGHT. DON’T LOOK DOWN THAT STREET. GO RIGHT.

I knew exactly what he had seen. PUPPIES!

This one is perfect because I can tell David Maza lost some weight and learned how to bark

I’m only 980 euros!

Oh look election time!

Sweetie, I don’t think you’re very popular in the 20th arrondissement

You don’t have many fans in this arrondissement either


4 Responses to “This is why I never wanted to get married”

  1. Caryl Says:

    Trust me, your dad sees you. XO

  2. eMerly Says:

    Trust me, I really wish I could believe that. XO

  3. ParisBreakfasts Says:

    yr photos are too funny!I think the people we've lost live on inside us etched indelibly.After I lost a darling friend I used to see her on the street all the time..just the back of her here and there..c'est la vie

  4. eMerly Says:

    As an immigrant jumping through hoops and spending hours in the slaughter house environment known as the prefecture, I can't say that it pains me to see Sarkozy's poster looking like that. That is a sad but sweet image. Like something out of a movie. I'm going to steal it for my book 😉

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