This Week Was A Bust

David is in London AGAIN so this week I had to meet with the man to fix our blinds, the man to turn on the gas and the man to clean the chimney. And Friday I get to meet the man who cleans our hot water heater. They were probably expecting an adult who spoke french, but instead they got a very large toddler who can only speak in the present tense.

We didn’t close the metal blinds that protect the glass doors from being smashed in when we first arrived because they are heavy and there are three doors in the kitchen and living room. It only took about three weeks for someone to try and pry open one of the doors with a crowbar. So now we close them every night. This is the second time the blinds on this door broke. The blind guy came and said the stick is too small and he will have to order another one and come back. So, they are still broken and I can’t shut them. Luckily I learned my lesson and no longer watch tv shows about serial killers while David is gone, so I haven’t been too worried about someone breaking in and killing me.
After he left, I went to meet the gas man. He turned the gas on, but then turned it off because our water heater hasn’t been cleaned yet. But the man coming to clean it said he can’t clean it unless the gas is turned on. Failure number two.
Three leash less dogs waiting for their owner to shop. I was about to run downstairs and steal one but the gas guy showed up
This morning I went to meet the chimney guy. After a few minutes of poking around in the chimney and in the gas pipes behind the chimney in the bathroom, he told me NEVER NEVER NEVER use the chimney because it is too close to the gas pipes. He seemed to think I was going to start a fire the second he left.
This was disappointing, but not a big deal because we never expected to have a fireplace. But it was a lot less expensive to get cleaned (only 50 euros versus the couple hundred we were expecting) and it would have saved us a lot of money on heat. Plus, winter is a lot less depressing if we had a fireplace to look forward to using.
A few minutes later he told me that it actually would work and it’s very well built and we have our own chimney so the floors above us wouldn’t get smoke in their apartments. He also said we only need to get it cleaned once a year. So I guess this week wasn’t a total bust.


5 Responses to “This Week Was A Bust”

  1. Caryl Says:

    Our chimney sweep said we shouldn't use our chimney. Apparently I can google mo bettah than he can because I figured out that what he freaked out over is … How the chimney is made. Um, duh, Mr. Chimney Sweep and Office Lady who apparently needs a brush up on how chimneys are framed out. Flame on, suckahs.

  2. eMerly Says:

    Well, there was ashes in the chimney, so I was pretty sure it worked. But I couldn't argue in french, so I was nice about it and the guy told David I was "charmant". You attract more bees with honey than vinegar and he went up to the roof and figured it out. He probably would have done that anyway, but I like to take credit for it.

  3. Joanna Says:

    But you are "charmant" so I believe that is the only reason he went up to the roof. If you had been "un-charmant" (or however you say that in French) then you would not have a working fireplace.

  4. eMerly Says:

    This is why you are my favorite. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone.

  5. ParisBreakfasts Says:

    being charmant in France goes a LONG way I found last trip…ppl in shops even asked me how long I was staying(did they want to invite me to dinner or were they praying I'd be gone soon..hard to know)Having a working fireplace is a very nice thingI am getting ZERO done this morning because of yr charmant blog!

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