The Weather Turned Shitty and Things Weren’t Pretty

There is no shower door on our bathtub. I assumed we would just buy a bar and a curtain, but that is too easy and cheap. David wants to buy a $250 glass door and somehow attach it to the tile. And he decided we had to choose one and bring it home on the metro and it has to be done NOW, today.

So we went to Castorama, a huge home and garden store, like Home Depot, which is located inside a gigantic mall at La Defense. Normally malls make my skin crawl, and I had forgotten that The Quatre Temps on a Saturday is like the 7th layer of hell. It’s packed with swarms of people and all ten of their kids, desperately pushing and shoving and buying crap like it’s Christmas Eve.

We were standing in a tiny aisle that was only about ten feet long when a women with a huge stroller decided she needed something right this second in that aisle and started to push her way through despite there being five people and no room for her. Me and David squished ourselves out of the way because we still are instinctually polite, but no one else moved. She was being an asshole so they ignored her, but we are still uncomfortable being rude.

I must have made a dent in David’s reasoning because we ended up with a shower curtain and a rod (and a bunch of other stupid man stuff, like a tool and sandpaper to fix two tiny marks on the old apartment wall). We were finally on our way out of Castorama and I could already imagine fresh air on my face, when a couple strolled in directly towards us (because going into a store through the exit where people have huge bags of stuff is obviously the best way to enter).

There was five feet on either side of us, but apparently they wanted the exact space we were occupying. David moved aside, and I automatically started to do the same, but I have finally started to stand my ground, because if I don’t, I will never learn how to deal with the wedge french people make when there is a line. You have to learn to shove your way to the front or you will be in the back of the wedge forever.

The women stepped aside at the last second and brushed my shoulder and it was all I could do not to turn around and whack her upside the head with the rod I was carrying.


2 Responses to “The Weather Turned Shitty and Things Weren’t Pretty”

  1. paw Says:

    Wow impressive!

  2. eMerly Says:

    I think you can pay to go up to the top. I will take you there when you and Mako come visit.

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