Good Decision

Not only do we have two front doors so we can turn the useless hallway into a closet, we found out that the fireplace works and our rental insurance will cover it if we get it cleaned twice a year. So if that’s not too expensive, I will be joyfully and secretly burning David’s old cell phone bills. Also the Mean Parisian Pregnant lady told me that the toilet had a big accident last year, so it is completely brand new. The windows are also double paned so that explains why it’s not too loud. They can’t legally list the place as having a cave because it flooded and they never fixed it, but it’s definitely usable and full of cool stuff I can steal because it is in the hallways and looks like it belongs to no one.

It may seem like we were being picky, but we were looking in almost every arrondissement, regardless if the place had a bathtub, laundry hook-up in the kitchen (so gross), a guest room, a balcony, an elevator, sun, storage… we only had two priorities. I wanted charm and David wanted a living room big enough for the couch and projector. We got lucky and found a place with a balcony, a guest room, and a bathtub, but I could have survived without them. We also aren’t that much further from David’s work, which he said he didn’t care about, but who wants to get up and ride the metro 45 minutes each day?

I looked at an apartment that popped up in my google reader today. I’m so glad that part of my life is over… forever. I told David we are never moving again and eventually we will have to use the other door because we will be too old to get down on our knees to lock the one in the living room. If he hadn’t pushed me we would still be stuck in the “search” phase. I know I complain about him all the time but he pushes me faster than I want to go because he knows I am capable of more. He believes in me and although sometimes I want to throw in the towel and just go back to California and eat a taco, somehow we make it through.

David got back from London this afternoon and he went to get the moving van, but I am stuck inside during one of the only nice days of the year waiting for that stupid FreeCycle person to come get the books so I can clean off the book shelves and take them apart. He was supposed to be here between 2 and 3 and it’s now 3:30. David pointed out that he is Parisian so he definitely isn’t going to show up until after 3. I also think it’s shady that he is a moderator and emailed me to say he had to modify my post because I forgot to say whether I was giving away or looking for books and asked if he could have them. I didn’t care at the time, but now he is getting on my nerves.*

Paris would be so great if it wasn’t for all the Parisians.

**** stupid FreeCycle guy kept us waiting until 8pm before he finally rolled up.


4 Responses to “Good Decision”

  1. paw Says:

    I might of thrown the books at him! You nicer!

  2. eMerly Says:

    I wanted to punch him in the face. Instead I took the best books out of the stack and gave them to someone else.

  3. ParisBreakfasts Says:

    hahahahawhy can i not tear myself away fr yr blog???it's too funny that's why

  4. eMerly Says:

    I do the same thing when I find a new Paris blog. It's like a free never-ending book and having coffee with a friend who knows what it's REALLY like living here.

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