trente cinq clés

I was early for my appointment to pick up the keys are do the apartment walk-through and the former tenant was late, so the guy said he would text me when he was ready. I found a bench and finished reading The Catcher in the Rye because it was overdue at the library and I needed to return it on my way home.

I went back when he texted me. I knocked on the door and a very pregnant, very Parisian women answered the door and for a second I thought I was at the wrong apartment and just froze and then I tried to say something in French about un homme qui texte…

She got all huffy and annoyed like Parisians do and “Pfffft”ed at me and told me in french that SHE had an appointment right now and I needed to go away. So I did.

A few seconds later she opened the door and said in english “Can you come back?” and that she didn’t know he scheduled us both at the same time because he doesn’t tell her everything. She asked if I was the one who visited the apartment when her father was there and then told me that they only moved because they were expecting their second child. So french people say funny things when they try to speak in english too. It made me feel like less of an asshole for not knowing how to explain that the rental agent had told me to come to the apartment. Or maybe it’s just another french thing I haven’t heard about where it’s cool to have kids with your dad.

She apologized and said she wasn’t expecting someone so young (she was either trying to make up for being mean, or I have a New Apartment glow about me). Then she told me the apartment was great, that it actually does get some sun even though it looks like it doesn’t and it turns out that she works for the company that just bought David’s company. Paris is really small.

After she left the guy gave me 35 keys….. there are three different locks with three different keys for the front door we are planning on using and we will practically have to get down on our knees to lock the last one. For some reason there are nine of one, seven of another etc etc. The door we don’t plan on using only needs one key. And I have to go to the rental agency to pick up MORE keys because they forgot to bring the second set for that door.

After everyone was gone, I may or may not jumped up and down with my arms in the air like a total spaz. I didn’t want to leave but  there is still tons of packing to do at our old apartment. While David was away all week, I was supposed to be taking care of the stuff that needs to be done and I’m afraid it took a few days to work up the motivation. I can’t wait to shut the door on the old place FOREVER. It will take a while, but I’m determined to have a clutter free place that doesn’t make my teeth hurt and keep me awake at night.


2 Responses to “trente cinq clés”

  1. paw Says:

    What's up with the gizzilion keys?!

  2. eMerly Says:

    I have no idea. I was wondering what the rental agent was doing fiddling around by the door for so long. He seemed confused too.

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