mes clés

I am going to pick up the keys today (and sign MORE paperwork bien sur) and I am so nervous and excited I can’t sit still. I can’t wait to be alone in the apartment and look around and plan out where stuff will go.

I’ve been packing all week and dreading those two flights of stairs. I got all the books packed and posted about 100 of them on FreeCycle, so someone is coming to pick them up today. I was hoping it was a girl because someone who reads, and is a moderator on FreeCycle AND a Couchsurfer would be a great new friend, but despite the e at the end of Stephane, he is a boy.

David has been in London all week and doesn’t get back until tomorrow. He’s been traveling a lot this year, he was gone almost all of January. And they want him to go back to London two more times in the next few weeks. So I get to do all the packing alone. Luckily my lovely Mum talks me through everything and listens to me whine and bitch for the entire 50 free minutes I get to call the US. I don’t know why she picks up the phone, if I was her I would hit ignore.

In other sad news, because the weather is so sunny and nice I decided to put on a skirt and it is too small. I blame the weekend of eating about ten thousand calories at the wedding and the lunch the next day. Hopefully all this packing and stair climbing will help, because I’m definitely not going to stop enjoying some of the best parts about living in France…. bread, cheese and cheap wine.


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    Thanks PAW!

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