The 15th arrondissement

Another day another apartment visit another sandwich in the park, but it’s different because this is now MY park in MY neighborhood. It was hard to stop the apartment hunt just when we were getting so good at it, but now we can move on to the next super fun part of this adventure…. Packing up all our stuff and carrying it up two flights of stairs.

We went to look at the apartment and see what it looked like empty, but we had already made up our minds to take it. We discovered that the other door on our landing didn’t go into another apartment…. it went into ours. Oh happy day. Now the long dark hallway can be used to store our stuff while we sort it out and we can use the other door which opens into the living room. The cave was a hot mess, but we can clear it out and put my beloved blue tupperware bins down there. They make moving so much easier, but I wasn’t going to keep them if I had to store them somewhere I would have to look at them every day.

It’s kind of embarrassing but I almost teared up in the street when we told him we would take it. Finally, I was going to REALLY be living in Paris, not in some silent modern building down south. No more having to eat out because we were too far from home. No more buying a coffee just so I can use the bathroom, or worse using the electronic claustrophobic street toilets that kind of scare me. No more packing my bag with water, tissues, a book and all sorts of other stuff for the tram ride into Paris. I can finally wear cute shoes again and not the kind that serve some kind of orthopedic function. I can ignore the emails from and all the other places. I can unfollow the agencies clogging up my google reader. No more arguing about location, size, price. No more paperwork and rude, pushy and invariably late rental agents.

A cat friend for Maza

David was late for a meeting, so he took the metro, and I walked back to the tram 2 to check out my new ‘hood. Every once in a while I look up and realize I am married, and I live in France and actual French words come out of my mouth and people understand me. For a second I think it must be some weird dream, but no, I really am here. How did I end up in this life? A series of steps. A combination of decisions. It’s not all good, but it’s not all bad either.


15 Responses to “The 15th arrondissement”

  1. Caryl Says:

    Congratulations! I am so happy for you….! Details, my sweet. I will be sending you a very long and overdue email…. XO

  2. eMerly Says:

    awwww sweets. My very first comment. šŸ™‚ – Thanks for taking the time to read, I know it's not easy when you have a red-headed Sharp Tooth to look after. xoxo

  3. a.s. wordsmith Says:

    You're lying– that isn't Paris! That could easily be a San Francisco apartment! šŸ™‚

  4. eMerly Says:

    That's why I love it!

  5. Cindi Lou Says:

    It is AMAZING! xo Cindi Lou

  6. eMerly Says:

    it's not so cute now that it's filled with boxes and random bits of couch

  7. Tissa Says:

    Wow, since when are Paris apartments this awesome and this huge?! Mazel tov!!

  8. eMerly Says:

    We were expecting something a lot smaller, uglier and more expensive. Which would have been fine. But I think since we spent all day outside last year with you for 13-Bidar we soaked up A LOT of luck.

  9. paw Says:

    Just when I was getting into this search with you!

  10. eMerly Says:

    That's how I felt! I was totally into getting dressed up and getting behind those doors I had been obliviously walking by for two years. But now I'm glad we just moved on. It's not as exciting for you, but the packing moving and all the bullshit that goes along with it is almost over. We weren't buying a place so we didn't need something perfect.

  11. Tissa Says:

    Awww, sweetness. ā¤ Enjoy your new home!!

  12. Ksam Says:

    I just stumbled across your blog – I'm also an American living in the 15th – hope you like the hood! šŸ˜‰

  13. eMerly Says:

    Howdy neighbor! The 'hood is great. The weather not so much :/

  14. Parisbreakfasts Says:

    wow wow wowAwesome spaceHUGE!!! and a fireplace and TWO windows with lightjust amazing…it must be 100 meters..:O

  15. Emily in Exile Says:

    I think months of looking at cleverly deceptive pictures on taught me how to take pictures to make things 10x look bigger than they are.And no it is not 100 meters you crazy pants. Who wants to clean a 100 meter apartment? I guess people who have 100 meter apartments probably also have maids.But that light is real. Hopefully my houseplants will stop dying on me. šŸ˜¦

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