Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

The rental agency for the apartment near Convention wants to know if we are going to take the apartment because he has a lot of people who want to look at it. They will also give us a free month of rent because we are willing to pull up the carpet in the bedroom and deal with whatever is underneath.

It was a pretty good apartment. I just hate that it doesn’t have a cave or closets. And the kitchen is tiny and we would have to buy a stove, cupboards, counters etc. Plus this has been fun and the rental prices seem to be going down.

Le sigh.

David is being snappy and mean and telling me it’s my decision and that we don’t have that much stuff to fit into an apartment with zero, none, zilch storage space. We have a closet in the entry, two closets in the bedrooms, a kitchen with about fifteen cupboards, a closet in the hallway, a laundry room and a toilet room with storage and a bathroom with three cupboards, a huge counter and shelves. Oh, and an extra “office” off the guest bedroom with two dressers. Oh, and a cave in the basement.

When I pointed out the Denfert-Rocheau apartment was cheaper and had a cave and ONE closet he said the fireplaces are decorative (DUH?!  I don’t care about the fireplaces even though they are pretty I don’t know why he is trying to change the subject from price and storage to strange details) and ok maybe we have too much stuff but we can move it (up two floors with no elevator) and then go through it and get rid of some of it and that it’s all just stuffed into closets and not organized (!!!) and there is room under the beds. There is room under the beds, that we already use for his paperwork and electronics. The closets are full and they are organized because I am the one who organized them.

He is acting like I am a spoiled brat because he wants me to just say yes to the Convention apartment so he can check this off his list and move on with his life. He just keeps saying, “It’s up to you” so if it turns out to be a shitty apartment he can blame ME because I am the one that chose it. The Denfert-Rocheau apartment has a tiny bathroom but it’s sunny and pretty and in a better location then the one he wants. But the guy moving out of the Convention apartment said it was a great, but he has a daughter and needs a bigger place, so that makes me think we should take it. I guess thinking about pulling the trigger is not going to get any easier. I might as well just pull it and see what happens.


2 Responses to “Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?”

  1. a.s. wordsmith Says:

    "Le sigh"–hah! What's a cave?

  2. eMerly Says:

    A cave is a locked alcove in the basement where you can store all the stuff you don't want to look at all day every day because there are no closets in Paris apartments. So if you don't mind looking at ice skates and tents and empty computer boxes in your living room, you totally don't even need one.

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