Bonjour, je vous informe la bonne réception……

je vous informe la bonne réception de votre dossier de candidature que je transmet après vérification au propriétaire.
Merci de m’indiquer la date de prise d’effet souhaiter.

We got an email saying that our dossier looks good and that he will verify everything and send it to the owner. I thought I would be more excited, but I’m not sure we should take it. I like looking inside of others peoples homes and just when we are getting good at this game we are quitting and taking the first apartment that accepted us. Maybe we should be more coy and not act like desperate debbies who are currently homeless and frantic to find a place. 

David’s also acting like I’m a princess and telling everyone *I* want to move and live inside of Paris like I am some stars in my eyes dreamer that can’t wait to set foot inside the city of lights. He had the gal to say that if it was up to him and he was alone, he would live in Issy where he works. I don’t think anyone actually lives there. That’s like saying I want to live in Wall Street. It’s a city of big corporations like Microsoft etc. Anyway, we have to move, we don’t have a choice, and all of the places we are looking at are actually cheaper than our rent now. And every time we want to go to a show or shopping it’s like a mini road trip into Paris. 45 minutes to get to the movie theater? I would rather just not go. Plus you aren’t going to be sitting around the old folks home impressing people with your stories about that time you lived in Issy.

Also, the 1850 apartments we were looking at are all now 1500. So either rent is going down, or we are getting better at weeding though the bullshit and discovering gems. I think it’s both. The one he wants to sign on is 1650 with no cave, no closets and a shit kitchen. I used to have a small kitchen and we hated trying to cook in it and swore we would never do it again. Like I predicted, even though we have 8 months he wants to check this off his to do list and sign sign sign. I was wrong though, I thought it would be two months, it’s barely been one.

He laughed when I said that the bookshelf wouldn’t fit and my books would have to go. I only brought them in the first place because his company was paying for us to move. I have a library card and a friend who gives me stacks of english books for every stack I give her. I don’t need a messy bookshelf anymore. When he first took all my books off the shelf to take them to his house when the movers came, I remember thinking how much better and more tidy my living room looked without all that mess. To me it’s noise. To him it’s something he doesn’t notice. All this stuff vibrates and weighs me down. The clutter kills me. It took me FOREVER to unpack and make this apartment livable. It’s been really hard trying to live with someone else. It’s like having a roommate with really bad art all over the walls, but worse, because this roommate is someone you are going to have to live with forever. I’m sure it’s the same for him, in other ways. This is what marriage is like. Single people take note.

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