Another day, another apartment visit, another sandwich in the park

The first apartment today was in the 14th, metro Denfert-Rochereau, which is also where the Montparnasse cemetery and the catacombs are. This would save us a lot of time standing in three hour lines because we could just send our guests down three blocks to see it for themselves. Plus it is a cute little area. Lively but not stuffed with stores and people. There was a group of people milling about inside, taking pictures and using the sink, chimney or the floor to fill out the paper applications required if you are interested in the apartment. It takes David a half an hour each time and they always want different stuff. Today they wanted a copy of our livet famille, the little book you get when you are married. There is room for 11 children, after that I suppose they just sterilize you.

This was the first apartment that I could really visualize us living in. The kitchen is tiny and doesn’t have anything except a kitchen sink, and the bathroom is miniscule and only has a shower. There are no closets in the bedrooms, in fact there is only one closet in the entire place. But it had great windows and the rooms were big enough for our beds and dressers, and it had the kitchen and bedroom on one side of the apartment, and the living room and other bedroom on the other side, so it felt like it had separate areas, even if they are small.

We were late to our next appointment in the 15th, near Convention. This area is definitely more crowded with people on the sidewalks and lots of traffic. It was also about a ten minute walk, which isn’t that much, but I know from experience that after a long commute on the metro, the last thing I like doing is walking for ten minutes in the snow/rain/heat. This apartment smelled like weird cooking, but there was really thick carpet on the stairs to help with the noise. It had a layout I don’t really like, bedroom, living room, bedroom on one side and then the kitchen and bathroom on the other. The bedrooms were smaller and our big beds would probably make them feel cramped, and the living room was too small for our table and couch. On the other hand, there was a huge closet, and big bathroom with two windows and a bathtub, and a kitchen that was large and came with cupboards and a stove top. But it just didn’t have the same vibe. Maybe it’s just too close to where we live now, which I am sick to death of. It is a block away from Georges Brassens park, which is lovely. And they have the vintage book sales there every week. But god knows I don’t need anymore books. There are still some in boxes from when we moved two years ago.


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