The Little Tree House

The apartment was amazing. Behind the big gate was a hug overgrown tree filled garden with about ten apartments. There was also a line of people coming out and when we got inside, there was a ton of people there too. There were shelves and nooks and crannies everywhere and the view from all the windows looked out on trees, the kind that don’t lose their leaves in the winter with pretty little spring flowers on them. I could imagine our furniture there perfectly. Of course “the bedroom” is where we want to put the living room, so our bedroom would be where the living room normally is. David hates this idea and said we would never be able to have people over for lunch because our bed would be visible. I have no problem with this, because my last apartment had the bedroom between the kitchen and the living room. He wants a more grownup dignified apartment, he isn’t comfortable with creative living arrangements. But we might not even have a chance to make a decision because one of the couples was an aeronautics engineer and his wife was a doctor. I’m hoping the owner wants a more interesting couple.

The next door lady came out and yelled at the real estate agent because of the noise. So that’s not good. I already lived next to a crazy old lady once and she accused David of knocking on her door and yelling at her once. Poor David, he would always ask her if she needed anything when he was headed to the grocery store and in return she gets her crazy drug-addict son to come yell at him. It was actually the crazy old lady who went downstairs drunk at five am and yelled at my best friend, and her boyfriend who came upstairs and told her not to bang on their door. Ah, the good old days.

So, the apartment is not perfect, but it’s lovely and cozy and charming. We are going to go look at two other apartments this week, the conventional kind that have two bedrooms so our guests can be comfortable and we can pay for a bedroom that only gets used six times a year. A lady called to ask us if we want to look at her apartment this weekend. We signed up with a site that charges 14 euros and sends your information to owners looking for renters. If I was renting an apartment in Paris, that’s how I would do it, because you get so many people when you post an ad it’s ridiculous. So far she is the only owner that contacted us, but she wants 2000 euros a month, which is way out of our price range. They like to tack on “charges” and some people have no shame in charging 200 euros or more on top of the rental price to pay for the gardienne who takes care of the building.

I’m feeling a little disappointed. I’m not sure that this little tree house apartment is the one or not. Maybe it will be too weird. Maybe now I am a grown up too.


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