We missed another apartment on seloger.com today. If we had paid their fee we would have been able to see the agency’s phone number. The apartments are “locked” the first few days and then the phone number shows up. So if we had paid, we could have at least seen it. Yesterday. David would have had to leave work. But most places go so fast that they only show it one time. The good news is our taste is improving because if everyone else wants that apartment it must be good.

I’m starting to realize that we have a lot of decisions to make and when an apartment pops up we need to be willing to sign. Before it was just a fun game, a competion to see who would find our new lodging, now it is more and more annoying to slog through the stretched pictures to make a place look bigger, the scams, the ridiculously overpriced ghetto ass shit…..

We are looking at everything right now and we haven’t decided if we want a large one bedroom or a small two bedroom. We never use our extra room except when people stay with us, and I don’t want to build our life around a guest room. It seems like a frivolous thing to look for when we are in Paris. But David is thinking about the future, when our imaginary six month old baby will sleep alone in it’s bedroom. Considering the fact that I woke up in the middle of the night wondering why my knees were up and realized it was so there was room for Maza to sleep under the covers….(??!??! wtf!! even the plane ride didn’t traumatize her like the ten day vet visit did) I hardly think that I will be placing my first born in a room to sleep by itself like french people do. So it’s getting more complicated. We don’t even know which arrondissement we want, or if we want an equipped kitchen, or how small is too small, and how expensive is too expensive.

We also need to figure out if we  are willing to buy a stove, kitchen cupboards and countertops for a place with a three year lease. If we take an apartment with an equipped kitchen it could be gross grotty bad appliances. If we invest in a stove and counters.. in three years we will have to leave them or try to sell them.

We are also hoping the market will crash so we can buy the apartment we are going to rent. Renting to expats is  lucrative in paris but new laws are cracking down on that kind of thing, and rich people with extra apartments just lost their  tax breaks, so most places are for sale, not for rent. But we are not ready and don’t have the money to buy a place now. So, decisions. Not my strong suit.


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