derrière des portes verrouillées

Our first stop was the apartment near Sarkozy, by Javel. It looked like a crash pad and smelled like a rabbit or a hamster. It also had really gross carpeting. David of course liked it because it was “practical”. Looks like our plans for drinking champagne and watching Sarkozy cry aren’t going to happen.

The next apartment was Daumelsil. It was really posh, and the kitchen was complete so we wouldn’t have to buy counters, cupboards and stoves. Also the people were selling the storage in the bedrooms so we wouldn’t have to buy that new either. David didn’t like it because it was too perfect or something.

The apartment across from the huge mall, Galerie Lafayette, with a view on the Montparnasse tower was surprisingly cute. Behind a huge two story door there was a beautiful courtyard. It was a little small and only had one bedroom. The kitchen window opened into an air shaft in case we needed to get rid of a body or wanted to smell the pizza being cooked in the restaurant in front of the apartment. The guy told us that they were re-listing a duplex in the 15th that someone had backed out of and that they were probably going to lower the price. He gave us the  address so we could go look at the outside of another building on our way home.

The duplex is on le rue de Commerce which would be really fun to live on. It’s where “real” Parisians supposedly shop. I hate malls, but I love to window shop and it has all the outrageously expensive stores I like (Gerald Deral, Comptoir de Cotton) and the stores I actually buy stuff from like H&M and Zara’s. There was also lots of people walking dogs, so I could get my daily doggy dose.

Lastly there was an apartment on a street near a park I like George Brassens. It’s the old slaughter house location and it has a pond and a pile of stones from the demolished building that kids can climb on. They also have a huge book sale there every weekend.


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