I would walk 500 miles

Today I walked from Volontaire in the 15th to my BFF’s house in the 18th because David suggested it and didn’t think I would do it. It took me more than two hours because the Seine and deceptive Musee Rodin “park” not being a park, but being part of the museum so I couldn’t walk through it, a huge freeway which meant I went had to go left of my destination. I stopped on the Pont des Arts and took a photo for a french family eating lunch, only found one loyer sign (which was on Rue Emilie which means  baby jesus wants us to live there and we better rent it even if it’s a $1600 studio because he is a vengeful god.) I showed up 40 minutes late with my 50 kilo bag of books. Unfortunately after stuffing me with cake and coffee, she refilled my bag with more books than I brought so my plans for cleaning off the book shelf before we move was foiled.

Her delightful son decided to stop lounging around in his underpants around 5 pm. He and I are obviously kindred sprits. It seems kind of silly to get dressed only hours before you are going to get undressed, but if you don’t understand the joy of underpants, I can’t explain it to you.

I petted their cat Misty which made me sad but not hateful because I get to pick up my fur body tomorrow.


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