Rental Stalkers

Since we were sick of looking at pictures of apartments we’ve already seen a million times and no rental websites are updated over the weekend because they don’t work during the time normal people have time off to see apartments, so we internet stalked a few places until we figured out what street they were on and went off on a Look At the Outside of Buildings tour.

We started in the 15th near the RER station Javel.
1 704 Euros/mois charges comprises
1440 € de dépôt de garantie
1 016 Euros d’honoraires

LOCATION – PARIS 15 – 3 PIECES TERRASSE – Proche du Métro Javel André Citroën, dans un immeuble récent, un appartement 3 pièces de 60 m² environ au 5ème étage avec ascenseur comprenant entrée, séjour, balcon, cuisine, 2 chambres, salle de bains, wc. PARKING + CAVE. Départ du locataire le 28 mars 2012. Dépôt de garantie: 1440,00 euros Honoraires part locataire: 1016,40 euros Contact: 01 43 96 15 58 N’hésitez pas à nous contacter par mail sur location@desrueimmobilier

We walked passed Sarkozy’s headquarters which had two body guards out front. This apartment got a big black mark on it’s record for being a few blocks away. But then David pointed out that we could celebrate the night Sarkozy loses his election and watch him and supporters cry from the comfort of our balcony and all of a sudden I liked the apartment a lot more.

Then we headed to another apartment in the 15th near Convention, where there is a movie theater a few streets away that we go to see VO (original version) movies in english. This one looked like it would be hectic and there were two other for rent signs in the area. Not a good sign. I’m pretty sure they put those up as a last resort because all the other apartments we internet stalked didn’t have for rent signs. But this one is good because the floor below us is a store, so we wouldn’t have to worry about stomping around and being loud.

Appartement  3 pièces – 69 m2

1500 €  HC + 150€ charges
Dépot de garantie : 1 500 €
Honoraires : 1 196 €
PARIS – 75015
3 pièces Convention Angle Vaugirard/Victor Duruy Métro Convention (ligne 12) Immeuble pierre de taille 1910 Digicode Appartement 2 chambres salon au 2e étage Chauffage individuel électrique


Appartement PARIS - 75015

Montparnasse was next. I love sitting in the bar next to this apartment building because it’s located in front of the metro. It was here that I discovered Zara’s by sitting outside and people watching. I noticed lots of pretty women had Zara’s shopping bags.

1 370 Euros/mois charges comprises
1300 € de dépôt de garantie
1 274 Euros d’honoraires

LOCATION – 2/3 PIECES PARIS 6 – Boulevard du Montparnasse, au 2ème étage d’un immeuble sans ascenseur. A deux pas de la rue de Rennes, un bel appartement avec entrée double séjour, 1 chambre, dressing/bureau, cuisine, salle d’eau , wc séparé. CHAUFFAGE AU GAZ. APPARTEMENT LIBRE- Dépôt de garantie: 1 300,00 euros Honoraires part locataire: 1 274,94 euros Contact: 01 43 96 15 58 N’hésitez pas à nous contacter par mail sur location@desrueimmobilier.comLocation Appartement PARIS 06Location Appartement PARIS 06Location Appartement PARIS 06Location Appartement PARIS 06
Location Appartement PARIS 06
Next was in the 14th near the metro Alesia big new apartment building facing another new building – boring, boring, boring.

For shits and giggles we went to look at the 32 story tower near in the 13th near Porte d’Italie. The apartment for rent was on the 28th floor. I would like to see what the inside of one these buildings look like, but I can’t imagine enjoying being crammed in a box with 128 other families. I don’t want to move into anything like this because I can live in a big bland building anywhere in the world. You only get to live in Paris once and I want an apartment that A. Looks like a Parisian apartment or B. Has a view on an area that looks like Paris.

Cadet in the 9th-

Location Appartement 2 pièces
Paris 9ème (75009)

Alerte prixPlus d’ infos

1 500 € 

2/3 pièces au dernier étageAu pied du métro Cadet et à proximité immédiate des commerces, 2/3 pièces atypique au 5ème et dernier étage composé d’un séjour avec pièce supplémentaire en mezzanine, grande cuisine séparée et aménagée, chambre avec bureau en mezzanine, salle de bains avec WC indépendant. Très lumineux (exposé sud), excellent état, seul sur le palier. A visiter rapidement.
Photo 3 / 3Photo 2 / 3Photo 1 / 3
duplex with ladder aka stairs. Wasn’t sure which building it was but the area was nice and it was near the elusive “first” food truck in Paris. Le Camion Qui Fume. Also known as the Fail Burger because unless you show up very early, they run out of supplies. We only showed up 20 minutes after they opened and didn’t see anyone eating. But we were still denied. Which was disappointing because the truck was parked along a quiet stretch of Quai Valmy. What more can you ask for than a genuine hamburger while sitting next to the water with a view of the firemen working out in the ground level gym of the firehouse. le sigh.

The Javel apartment is my first choice and Cadet is my second. They are both at the sixth floor so we might actually get to see the sun once in a while.


2 Responses to “Rental Stalkers”

  1. Tissa Says:

    Heck yeah, Pizza Pino!

  2. eMerly Says:

    It smelled good, I'm just not sure I want my apartment and clothes to smell like that 24/7. But it is behind that huge blue door in the picture. I wanted to rent it just to have the power to open and close that door.

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