Pepe le Pew

Our very first night here, just after David’s dad had told me it’s illegal to not have a collar on your cat and I was thinking, oh maybe red would look good I saw my cat outside with a red collar on. At first I just thought I was seeing things in my jet-lagged state, but it was really there, a twin to my cat, who was huddled in the closet, shaking and traumatized by the plane ride. I named him Pepe le Pew and he has hopped down from one of the balconies above us almost every night to beg for food.

Maza hates him, but since she was gone, I pet him and gave him some food. Sometimes he really is starving and I feel sorry for him. He is really loud and bangs on the shutters of his owners house at 4 am trying to get inside. I hope the neighbors don’t get the two confused. My cat is stuffed full of rabbit flavored friskies and sleeping in bed with me at 4 am.

Anyway, he is one of the things I will miss about this apartment. I hope someone feeds him.


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