Looked at our first apartment yesterday in the 12th, which was a definite no, but we were wandering around and saw a rental agency and the guy said he had one just up the street. It was ridiculously tiny. One step inside… kitchen, two steps bathroom, three steps and you can choose to go to the left into the living room or the right into a tiny bedroom.

We had to rent a car to drop the cat off at the vet because her posh ass refuses to take public transportation. She it going get a radioactive shot to fix her wonky thyroid. But she will be glowing in the dark and cancerous for ten days, so we will be cat less for almost two weeks. I felt so guilty because there is no way to explain to a cat that she is going to get a shot and then spend two weeks alone in a cage. I don’t know how people manage with kids. I get all emotional about a stray hand me down cat that my sister picked up off the street and decided to “temporarily” keep in my room.

We were almost home when David got an email alert for an apartment with no pictures, but he called to make an appointment anyway. The guy said someone had already looked at. Damn! Now that we’ve seen the pictures I am obsessed, but we can’t look at it until we get back from Dunkirk. It’s on the last floor and looks like they took two maids room and combined them into one apartment. It has a really big curving living room and a view of the Tour Eiffel from the balcony. And it’s really cheap because it’s on the sixth floor with no elevator. Just imagine how great my ass would look if I was forced to exercise each and every day.


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