Louer Louer Louer, Louer

Our first call was on this apartment:
Location appartement 4 pièces 70 m² Paris 15E – 1.600 €
Paris 15e. Métro Lourmel. Immeuble 1930. Calme, clair. Refait à neuf. 4 pièces, 70 m², au 2e ascenseur : entrée, double séjour, 2 chambres, salle de bains, wc séparés, cuisine. Parquet, cheminée. chauffage individuel gaz. Cave. Libre le 15 février. 1.600 €/mois + 80 € provision charges. Possibilité chambre de service 8 m² en sus.
Fifteenth arrondisment. Two bedroom, 3rd floor with an elevator (lots of places don’t have one). Fireplace (I don’t think it’s legal to actually use them). Storage in the basement (very important because lots of places don’t have closets) and for an extra charge, the former maids room located next to the apartment.
We are trying to stay South-West part of Paris because that’s where David works. But as long as it’s near RER C, or lines 6/8/12 it shouldn’t take him much longer to get to work than it does now. I am trying to avoid Tram 3 and Tram 2. I don’t know how much slower they are compared to the metro, but they feel really like molasses. The good thing is they have heat and air-conditioning and don’t smell.
I don’t know how we are going to move our stuff. Most people hire movers who use a machine to lift your stuff up to your apartment and move it in through your window b/c lots of places don’t have elevators so that’s the easiest way to do it. So it’s either pay someone a small fortune or take everything apart and carry it up the stairs. I’m pretty sure which option we will be using so I think now would be a good time to start PX90.

2 Responses to “Louer Louer Louer, Louer”

  1. Parisbreakfasts Says:

    Bright idea #24677I could rent yr the former maids room nextdoor :O! ! ! !

  2. Emily in Exile Says:

    She never called us back. Or we called too late. If I had known someone else was going to be looking for an apartment so soon I would have saved my metro map. It took me (David) a long time to draw the arrondissements on it.

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